The internet lacks accurate geographic information. Gathering content such as streets, zip codes, geographical state information, territories, and localities is difficult. LISTREET was created to fix this problem, as it offers access to precise geographic information. With content for both businesses and individuals, LISTREETS aids in making informed decisions with the data to back it up. Our database contains an abundance of information on 250 countries, 13 million cities, and 34 million streets. Businesses may also find the sub-features quite useful too.


Our Philosophy

LISTREET’s #1 priority is customer satisfaction. We ensure that all information is well categorized in order for our customers to access information quickly and efficiently. This is why we make use of plain texts in easy-to-read fonts on our website. Customers are able to access, read, and analyze the website from anywhere in the world due to our datasets containing information on every country. We have made it easier for our customers to select countries by categorizing our datasets into transcontinental regions.


Individuals and Business Owners

We added a “download function” to give our users long-term access, as we understand the need for quick access to geographic information. LISTREET provides services to business owners to create accurate analytics and reports by using data such as postcodes, zip codes, geographic coordinates, and more. We have also given businesses and brands the opportunity to create a locator on maps through use of geocoding tools.